The Original TEACH Act Toolkit

Welcome to the new home of the original "TEACH Act Toolkit" created in 2003 to facilitate understanding and application of the then new "Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization Act (TEACH Act)", passed in 2002.  TEACH was intended to update the section of the copyright act (specifically, Section 110(2)) most applicable to online digital course.  Thus, TEACH is not a separate or additional copyright law; it simply replaces an already existing section.  TEACH, or more accurately, Section 110(2), is triggered whenever the performance or display of a copyrighted work is transmitted.  Nowhere in TEACH will you find the phrase "distance education" or "online courses". Nevertheless, it can apply to what we refer to as distance education or online courses because transmission of works is exactly what is occurring.  Additionally, referring to 110(2) as "TEACH", even though the act is many years old, is an easy shorthand, similar to using "fair use" for Section 107 and "First Sale" for Section 109.

Thus, any time a performance (music, movies, etc.) or display (image, text, etc.) is transmitted (cable television, over the web), the TEACH exception might be an option for our faculty.  The many requirements of TEACH may prevent its use but other solutions may be available, such as fair use or getting permission.  To understand the TEACH Act and its requirements, this site is populated with a wealth of resources, including TEACH background and explanations, checklists, guides, vocabulary, and commonly asked questions.