ORCiD Support

Email orcid@lsu.edu to authorize a librarian to import your scholarly publications to your ORCiD profile and to make connections that will keep it up to date. ORCiD can populate your Elements and SciENcv profiles, saving you time and ensuring the accuracy of your scholarly record. 

What’s an ORCiD?

An ORCiD (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is a 16-digit number that links your research to you specifically, distinguishing you from other researchers who have a similar or even the same name as you.

Why have an ORCiD?

  • An ORCiD will always link you to your work, regardless of changes to your name or institutional affiliation.
  • Distinguishing yourself with an ORCiD will ensure that you are properly credited for your work, that your H-index is accurate, and, by extension, that LSU is recognized for the work achieved here, positively affecting the university’s rankings.
  • Anyone receiving a federal grant is now required to have a digital persistent identifier (DPI), like an ORCiD.
  • Save valuable time by linking your ORCiD record to other platforms, like Scopus, CrossRef, and more.
    • A CrossRef connection will auto-update your ORCiD each time you publish using your ORCiD.
    • A Scopus connection allows you to easily claim your articles and add them to your ORCiD account.
    Libraries staff can help researchers connect their ORCiD profiles to these sources.
  • Conversely, many publication, submission, and grant application forms will be auto populated with information from your ORCiD record when you log in to those entities with your ORCiD.
  • ORCiD will also automatically populate the Elements system that has replaced Faculty 360, keeping Elements effortlessly updated.
  • The Libraries can use ORCiD searches to populate LSU’s institutional repository so you don’t have to.

Bottom line, an ORCiD will save you time and administrative drudgery, allowing you more time for productive activities. Registration is free, easy, and takes almost no time.


  1. Visit ORCiD.org
  2. Click the SIGN IN/REGISTER link in the upper right corner and follow the prompts
  3. Make sure that your primary email address is your LSU address and that your current employer is Louisiana State University: Baton Rouge, LA, US.


Email orcid@lsu.edu for support.

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