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Access Services
Name Contact
Kelly Blessinger
Head, Access Services
Elissa Plank
Head, Circulation
Antonia Aultman
Student Coordinator
Janiah Cabigting
Interlibrary Loan Graduate Assistant
Kat Dean
Resource Sharing Specialist
Kate Fontana
Resource Sharing Librarian
Jacob Fontenot
Resource Sharing Librarian & Head, Interlibrary Loan
Ashli Gachassin
Resource Sharing Specialist
Mona Jarreau
Lending Specialist
Justin Kline
Access Services Library Assistant
Karl Simmerman
Evening Supervisor
Melba Staub
Borrowing & Extensive Specialist
Frances Watson
Desk Supervisor
Name Contact
Stanley Wilder
Gina Costello
Associate Dean, Technology Initiatives / Special Collections
Lois Kuyper-Rushing
Associate Dean of Public & Collection Services
Kelsey Gresham
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Administrative Services
Name Contact
Meshelle Fargason
Assistant Dean, Administrative Services
Rikki Babin
Human Resources Coordinator
Inga Comardelle
Facilities Manager
Heather Harvey
Business Manager
Angela Rippetoe
Business Office Coordinator
Cartographic Information Center
Name Contact
John Anderson
Map Librarian and Director
Collection Services
Name Contact
Dana Taylor
Director of Collection Services
Susan Allen
Cataloging Associate
Holly Besse
Invoice Processing Associate
Robert Bigelow
Collection Support Associate
Jesse Carnes
Cataloging Associate
Tom Diamond
Collections and Materials Selector Librarian
Doris Hutson
Library Specialist III
Nora Melancon
Cataloging Associate
Paulette Rogers
Shipments Processing Specialist
Communications and Publications
Name Contact
Behnoush Tavasolinia
Graphic Designer
Christine Wendling
Director of Communications
Music Resources
Name Contact
Mikel LeDee
Head of Music Resources
Wagner Duarte
Graduate Assistant
Open Scholarship & Government Publications
Name Contact
Hayley Johnson
Head, Open Scholarship and Government Publications
Kendall Caple
Government Publications and Patent & Trademarks Librarian
David Dunaway
Director of Open Scholarship & Affordable Learning
Allen LeBlanc
Open Scholarship Librarian
Audrey Portier
Microforms, Collections & Student Supervisor
Oral History
Name Contact
Jennifer Abraham Cramer
Director, T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History
Kylee Burgess
Graduate Assistant
Julia Dietz
Graduate Assistant
Lindsey Hartman
Research & Instruction Services
Name Contact
Michael Holt
Head, Research and Instruction Services
Elizabeth Allen
Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian
Lili Bedoya
Research and Instruction Services Coordinator
Jazzlynn Boyd
Liaison Librarian
Danielle Costello
Science Librarian
Nicollette Davis
Kinesiology, Social Work and Health Sciences Librarian
Larissa Elliott
Agricultural Support Librarian
Mitch Fontenot
Humanities and Social Sciences/Outreach Librarian
Narcissa Haskins
African and African American Studies Librarian
Paul Hrycaj
Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian
Cambria Huff
STEM Librarian
Lauren Lay
Mass Communication Librarian
Marty Miller
Art & Design Librarian
Randa Morgan
Agriculture Librarian
Sarah Simms
Undergraduate & Student Success Librarian
Scholarly Publications and Analytics
Name Contact
Sigrid Kelsey
Director of Scholarly Publishing
Trent Dunkin
Institutional Repository Librarian
Andrea Hebert
Research Impact Librarian
Candace Jones
Scholarly Publications and Analytics Librarian
K Howell Keiser
Civil War Book Review, Editor
Aaron Lercher
Collection Analysis Librarian
Michael Russo
Collection Analysis Librarian
Special Collections
Name Contact
Gina Costello
Associate Dean, Technology Initiatives / Special Collections
Kelly Larson
Special Collections Head of Research and Public Services
Christopher Bienvenu
Processing Archivist
Germain Bienvenu
Public Services Librarian
Camille Boechler
Assistant Processing Archivist
Keerthi Chandrashekar
Processing Archivist
Christine Cloud
Instruction and Curatorial Assistant
Meredith Contreras
Special Collections Public Services & Events Coordinator
Barry Cowan
Assistant Processing Archivist
Leah Duncan
Digital Engagement and Educational Services Librarian
Anne Edwards
Facilities Manager, Hill Memorial Library
Rachel Guilbeau
Goodrich-Taylor Graduate Assistant
Leah Wood Jewett
Exhibitions Manager
Alia Kempton
Special Collections Outreach and Instruction Librarian
Michelle Melancon
Assistant Processing Archivist
John Miles
Curator of Books & Head of Instruction
Hans Rasmussen
Head, Technical Services
Christina Riquelmy
Rare Book Cataloger
Danielle Stoulig
Head of Archival Processing
Kristina Sutherland
Acquisitions and Processing Associate
Zach Tompkins
University Archivist
Chairity Waugh
Special Collections Cataloger
Caroline Ziegler
Conservation Coordinator
Technology Initiatives
Name Contact
Michael Stewart
Assistant Director of Libraries Technology
Carlos Carrasco
Library Systems Manager and Administrator
Dave Comeaux
Systems & Discovery Librarian
Will Conlin
Digital Projects Programmer
Jeremy Fontenot
Electronic Access Specialist
John Guillory
Digitization Technician
Gabe Harrell
Digitization Lab Manager
Wahaj Hussain
Graduate Assistant
Milad Khanlou
Analyst 3 - Data Processing/Computer Services
Matthew LeBlanc
Technology Support Manager
Gabriella Lindsay
Resource Management & Assessment Librarian
Jennifer Michel
Digitization Specialist
Elisa Naquin
Metadata and Digital Strategies Librarian
Winnie Schwaid-Lindner
Digital Preservation Librarian
Kyle Tanglao
User Interface Designer